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BIFED | Bozcaada International Festival of Ecological Documentary

Salhane, 14.10.2016 Friday, 13.00-15.00

For some time now, nature has been sending us serious signals indicating that the story is about to be over. However, we are accelerating the process with big efforts. The so-called developed countries lead the way in this delirious process. What is planned for the next twenty years across the world is fifty thousands dams, large-scale activities that will contaminate nature and extremely significant ecosystems under the pretext of mining (Artvin, Bergama, Izmir Efemçukuru…). These so called mining activities lead to terrifying and never-ending wars in which millions of civilians – men, women, and children – have already been killed and raped (Congo, Nigeria, Middle Eastern countries). The mining and refining of tar sands in Alberta, Canada, the hybrid seed industry led by the Netherlands, nuclear energy production… The big corporations’ increasing efforts to grab and exploit, in every sense, the very lands that the local people need for survival, for nourishment… (the sugar production in the cultivated lands of the local people in Cambodia, the production of fodder for EU animals on the land where the people of Kenya need to cultivate their own food)....

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Bald ist VON HIER AUS endlich auch unter freiem Himmel zu sehen wo er besonders gut hinpasst!

Und zwar bei folgenden Veranstaltungen:

K13 - Kino am Wolfgangsee unter Sternen

Mittwoch, 3. August, ab 21:00 Uhr

St.Wolfgang, Seebühne Camping Appesbach und bei schlechtem Wetter im Leharkino Bad Ischl

Leise Art Festival: unerhört unverstärkt

unter Freiem Himmel auf der Wiese vor dem Wald

bei Schlechtwetter in der Jurte

Wann: 27. August. 2016 nach einbruch der Dunkeheit (Festival von 26.-28.August 2016)

Wo: Am Wachtberg 78/ 3571 Gars / Thunau am Kamp/ Waldviertel - Niederösterreich

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We proudly announce the WORLD PREMIERE !


Fr. 24.04. 18:30 City 2

Mo. 27.04. 13:30 City 2

at the


Since 2004, the CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz has devoted its program each year in April to idiosyncratic, contemporary and socio-political auteur cinema from Europe. Over the six days of the festival, CROSSING EUROPE offers international film and press representatives and guests of the film industry (nearly 700 accredited festival participants) and the local cinema audience a program with approximately 180 outstanding, hand-picked films, documentaries and short films.

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